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I've been putting off drawing for a while now. I basically thought I was gonna quit drawing but then something came over me. I decided to start drawing again for no reason. I don't know if it's my mood or just got inspired to draw again but I'll try to draw again. I don't know if I'll be able to keep drawing but maybe I shouldn't think too much and just draw. I've been out of it for a while now so that passion for drawing is still there but the drive and will for me to do it just isn't burning as much. It may also be laziness to draw. I'm able to go out ride my bike and play video games but drawing just wasn't on my mind lately. I've also stopped drawing for more than a year now so it has been a while. How do I expect to get better if I don't pick up that pencil and eraser and start using it? I've always drawn stuff since I was a small kid so I've always like doing but the drive just isn't there. Maybe I just gotta look deep within myself and find that spark to start that burning passion to draw once again. I'll try picking up that pencil and use that powerful tool of freedom and expression. I think something is holding me back but it's mostly a psychological and mental roadblock that is stopping. I just need to stop letting that doubt and whatever it is hold me back but there is no guarantee that I'll win so might lose again and get knock out of this fight. No matter how long it takes I'll try to fight on.
I need some inspiration somehow. Maybe if I go outside and look at some stuff and places I'll get an idea. Anyone out there got any good ideas. I'm trying to do a manga series. It's gonna be tricky. I guess that I just need some more patience. I'll play some video games and probably help inspire some ideas in my head.
I'll add more characters and environment stuff later. I'll also work on coloring these. It's really hard since I'm trying to use my imagination to figure this out. Oh, well. I'd really appreciate some help in getting more ideas.
I'm trying to brainstorm on this story I'm trying to create. Basically, I just hand drawn some stuff and put some concept art. It's some quick rough sketch that took me an hour. I came up with this guy Jhared. I made both his child and adult versions. He's basically a member of the super soldiers created back in 1942 during the World War 2 era. Because of experiments on DNA and gene splicing on the embryos after the fusion of cells this guy and 12 others came to being. Jhared is number 2 of SSG1 (Super Soldier Generation 1). The first one is Diex who is the very first SSG1. The 12 SSG1s are more powerful than the thousands of other Super Soldiers created. They're unique. I'll do more sketches later on armor concepts as well as the other characters. This is gonna be tricky. I also have to come up with good story and the location. Okay, I decided that the location is the Bikini Atoll. Bikini Atoll is an atoll, listed as a World Heritage Site, in the Micronesian Islands of the Pacific Ocean, part of Republic of the Marshall Islands. It is a site for nuclear bomb tests done by the US in real life. The birth of place of Jhared and the other scientists, people, super soldiers is in an underwater city by Bikini Atoll. It's a huge military facility under the ocean that houses weapons, nuclear bombs, scientists from all over the world, and is completely unknown to the public. Although, this the birth place of these super soldiers. This is basically the origin story of Jhared and the super soldiers. Most of the story line will take place in current modern times. Because Jhared and the SSG1s are unique they don't age and are pretty much like immortal. They are evolving faster anything on the planet at such a rapid pace that makes them almost godlike. Super speed, super strength, telepathy, warping reality, time, space, etc. will be involve as Jhared grows stronger. In the beginning he'll be very weak but will get much much stronger later on. I still got a lot of brain storming to do. I title this story Giga Weapon Drive and is an original idea of mine.
This game makes me wanna tear my hair out! I mean seriously! It's hard even on normal mode. It's only for the PS2 but there's other Shinobi games for the previous gen consoles. This one is just sheesh. I'm also working on Devil May Cry HD Collection. It's alright. They've updated the game to be HD which is 720p. It looks good but the controls and gameplay are the same. Oh, well. Can't wait for Darksiders 2. I wanna try that so bad after playing the first one.
I'm currently doing a playthrough of Darksiders for the PS3. It's pretty fun. I gotta admit it's pretty long but heck that's what I like about games is if they're long.