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Giga Weapon Drive Diex Hovering by AplG7 Giga Weapon Drive Diex Hovering by AplG7
Whew! I'm still working on this so it's not done. It's another concept art of Diex. As you can see, he's hovering above a city that's being destroyed by a nuclear bomb. A war is currently being wage on two cities in this fantasy modern world based on ours. I'll make this story modern but not futuristic. There will be time travel involve as well as space travel to other planets, solar systems, and galaxies. There is also travel to heaven and hell like dimensions as well as voids and blackholes use as a sort of gate or portal. Diex is a sort of neutral type of character in my Giga Weapon Drive series. Jhared is the main character but Diex is neither good or evil. He just do whatever the heck he wants. A complete rebellious spirit that does what he pleases. While Jhared wants to play hero and good guy Diex on the other hand will be just standing there looking at a nuke going off and not giving a crap about it even if it goes off in his face at point blank. That's how badass he is! He's also the first of the SSG1s (Super Soldier Generation 1) that was created and grown in the experimental incubator back in the World War era during the creation of the atomic bombs. Of course the SSG1s are humans but using a form of fusion on the zygotes outside the womb in a special highly advanced incubator with the elements, animal DNA, insect DNA, and all the elements in the periodic table created a sort of cosmic nuclear beings. This is what they are made of. So they aren't entirely composed of human elements that is fleshed and blood but also other things as I mentioned with the fusion I've already mentioned previously that. This is the reason for their super strength, super stamina, super human reaction of all five senses, psychic ability, telepathic ability, super speed, flight, energy manipulation, elemental, cosmic energy, nuclear energy, dark matter, soul energy, etc. As Diex and the other SSG1s get stronger they learn new abilities and powers. It's a sort of hyper evolution that is super accelerated which means that what it would take billions of years for others only takes less than a year for these guys for their bodies to achieve and reach. I still am coming up with the story concept on notepad so I am way beyond reaching my goal and completion. I'm like less than 1% finish so this might take a while because I keep putting it off. lol I'm very lazy on drawing. I've been playing too much video games. I'm never gonna get this manga styled story done. It's such a big multiverses and omniverse that I'm creating that is compose of just so many races, demons, angels, aliens, hyper dimensional beings, deities, gods, goddesses, super gods and goddesses, time lords, cosmic reality warping nigh omnipotent beings, and of course the ultimate final supreme being that created this omniverse that I came up with. I'm planning on making my main protagonists eventually meet this supreme dude at the very end but that is much later in the story. It's like what that phrase from Final Fantasy XV says: This is a fantasy based on reality or something like that! :D (Big Grin) :happybounce: 
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September 27, 2014
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